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SMART LED Lighting and HD Camera Surveillance

iLUX is just Part of the Larger Team

iLUX is the marketing and distribution division for SMART LED lighting solutions by SmartTalk Security Inc.

iLUX dedicates itself to the identification, testing, selection, sales and support of high quality on and off-grid smart lighting. With significant expertise in wireless technologies and video surveillance plus support, iLUX is uniquely positioned to deliver relevant smart lighting solutions including IoT monitoring solutions using SmartTalk Beacon to ensure our clients get the best products and these products operate at peak efficiency.

SmartTalk Beacon, our IoT device monitoring, support, and maintenance application, helps us deliver superior technical support and maintenance to clients.

Resale opportunities exist for both smart lights and SmartTalk Beacon .

Technology as a Tool

Working with Industry Partners throughout North America and the World

The SmartTalk family is more than a product distributor. We are developers, innovators, and partners. We pride ourselves on selling more than a product in a box. Our team sells solutions. 

No one company can do it alone. In fact, with today’s technology, making the world smaller, there are more companies now sharing technology and resources to make better products. Better lives. A better world.

We are proud to work with technology partners around the world. There is no reason to reinvent a product when there is one out there. By combining the best technologies available, we are constantly innovating and are never satisfied.

Our goal is to grow as a company. Provide the best products available and when they don’t exist, develop them ourselves or work with others to develop the product.

SmartTalk Beacon

IoT Management Software to constantly monitor IoT cameras and other IoT devices.

SmartTalk Beacon sends notifications if there is an issue, provides solutions to the problem and tracks the support ticket to ensure the problem is resolved in-house or in the field.

SmartTalk Security

Delivering Solutions, Not Just Products.

Providing HD Security/Surveillance IP Cameras to all sectors. A camera and solution for any issue.