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SMART LED Lighting

iLUX EG Solar Campus LED Light

iLUX EG Solar Highway LED SMART Light

Light Up More with Less Cost

We are using the most efficient solar cells currently on the market with the solar efficiency of up to 24%. Latest LED technology with more than 160 lm/W that we use on our units provides bright lighting by using a minimal amount of energy.

Designed For:

  • Highways
  • Roads
  • Ports
  • Terminals
  • Industrial Zones
  • Oil & Gas


Pole Height: 8m – 16m
Pole Shape: Round or Square


Light source: LED Lamp
Power Consumption 100 W (1 arm)
Luminous efficiency 160 Lm/W
Rating: IP66, CE, UL, ETL


Sunpower (made in the USA)
Bisol (made in EU)
Panel efficiency 20,3W, power up to 870Wp


Technology: VRLA, Gel/Life PO4/Deep Cycle Battery
Capacity: Up to 400Ah/per system
Controller: MMPT – Remote Management

Useful Optional

Combing the Latest Technology

The EG Solar Campus LED Smart Street Light encompasses the latest technology. With LED lights, Batteries and Solar technology and the ability to control the light remotely. Helping provide reliable service 365 days in a year.

The lights need locations with no shade and at least of 4 hours of sun exposure.

Powerful LED lamps with more than 160 lumens per watt. Enough light for public areas using a minimal amount of energy.
Motion sensors and dimming schedules additionally will enhance solar system reliability.

Smart City Integration

The EG Solar Campus LED Smart Street Light for a Smarter City. Coupled with optional features such as:

  • Cameras
  • WiFi Hot Spot
  • and Charging Station for mobile phones.

All part of a balanced Smart City implementation. Creating sustainable infrastructure for tomorrow.

Help reduce the carbon footprint. Enhance energy resilience of the communities from any disruption.

Solar Powered SMART LED Street Lights
reduce carbon footprint and it also helps to reduce operating costs in long-term.

  • Light On Demand Sensor
  • Air Quality Sensor (No2, Co)
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Video Surveillance & Analytic
  • Trafic Monitoring & Counter
  • Water Detection
  • Lower Installation & Maintenance Costs

These Solar Powered SMART LED Lights also offer optional features of:

  • Noise Detection
  • Movement Detection can be observed by movement sensors that are able to observer footfall as well as traffic flow
  • Wi-Fi Service is provided by intelligent street lighting that helps to facilitate the citizens in a particular area
  • Phone Charge Station with Waterproof USB Ports Wireless Charging Pad enables free charging zone for the public
  • Large display combined with LED color change option presents a great branding and advertisement opportunity.

Starting a Project that requires
Solar Powered SMART LED Street Lights?

Renewable Energy is all around us but we do not have the right infrastructure in place to harvest that energy.

There are SMART LED lighting options and we have them. Please contact us using or Request a Quote.