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SMART Off-Grid Solar & Wind LED Lighting

The Brightest Lights in the Industry

iLUX Hybrid Solar & Wind Street Lighting

Off-Grid LED Lighting Solutions

iLUX Hybrid Lighting offers advanced off-grid lighting solutions deliver the lowest cost of ownership and highest performance in the market.

The SMART Off-Grid software enables the lights to be monitored, managed and pro-actively maintained over the Internet, delivering unmatched reliability, long lasting system performance, and the brightest light year-round, with smaller, less costly batteries

iLUX Hybrid Lights can support two load ports that can be configured independently.

Each load is individually managed and can be set with multiple light dimming functions (for lighting) or set for security camera and other non-lighting loads such as traffic signs, emergency power, agriculture, weather and industrial or commercial monitoring loads.

An option for grid connect is also available, which allows for grid power to top up batteries in case solar panels are not able to generate enough energy.

Single Hybrid LED Light

1 Turbine + 1 Solar PV Panel
Powers 1 LED luminaire

Duo Hybrid LED Light

1 Turbine + 2 Solar PV Panels
powers 2 LED luminaires

Optional Motion Detection

  • Lights turn off and on when activity is detected
  • Reduces battery draw when lights are not needed
  • Motion sensors help with liability issues and safety
  • Data captured provides valuable information on light usage, traffic patterns and more

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

iLUX brings Smart Grid technology to off-grid lighting, providing unmatched reliability. Unique in the market, our real-time remote monitoring and control software tracks and optimizes performance, enables lighting profile changes at any time and much more – all accessible via the Internet from a PC or smartphone.

Our installation tool runs on smartphones and ensures lights are installed properly before the installer leaves the site.

  • All poles connect to the Internet via built-in, low-cost cellular or mesh communications, no setup required!
  • Controls all power and load functions to optimize performance, set lighting profile and dimming easily
  • Automatically identifies and diagnoses issues for fast and convenient troubleshooting, sending you alarms when needed
  • The software runs in the cloud, requiring no installation or specialized training to use.


  • Dashboard: network view, system view, weather alerts
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and detail charts
  • 20 different customizable reports


  • Solar and wind power and energy
  • Load 1 and 2 power and energy
  • Real-time battery status including health test
  • Integrated weather data, forecasts and alerts


  • System Outages
  • Uptime Warnings


  • Installers commissioning tool
  • Light test, a solar panel test
  • Real-time lighting profile configurator


Power Generation

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Converts Sun Energy Into Electricity

This crystalline-silicon module has an aluminum frame and an advanced textured glass surface on the front that increases light absorption and efficiency.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine: The VAWT Converts Wind Energy Into Electricity

Our wind turbines provide an efficient and reliable way to produce pollution-free, renewable power. The self-powered system costs nothing to operate, saving money in electricity costs every year.

Option for Grid-connect to power other local devices


High Efficiency LED Luminaire

From 20 -150 watts, yet provides the same amount of light on the street as HID lights that have much higher wattage. The long-lasting LED effectively eliminates normal maintenance required for HID lighting.

Construction – Our lighting systems use the highest quality North American components

Luminaire & PV Arm

Aesthetically designed and engineered for strength, the arms are made of galvanized steel and painted your choice of color with a protective coating guaranteed to never rust or fade.

Spun Concrete or Steel Pole

We offer both concrete and metal poles. The Stresscrete Alexander series combines elegance with durability and has a hollow raceway inside the pole to provide a smooth conduit for electrical and communication cables. The Americana series includes distinctive pole options that support solar only applications and come in a variety of heights to suit pathway and street applications.

The steel pole series provides a cost effective solution that is quick and easy to install and support batteries in the base or underground. Illumient works with industry innovators for designs that deliver high reliability and lower cost of ownership.

Control & Monitoring

Control & Monitoring

Unique to our system is our hybrid smart controller combined with wireless communications to transmit data to the Illumience real-time monitoring software via the Cloud, which ensures peak performance and convenient troubleshooting.

Easy Maintainability & Reliability

Because of Clear Blue’s full remote management capabilities, ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting are done remotely, eliminating the cost for specialized service crews and reducing the number of site visits by up to 90%.

Power Storage

Batteries – AGM, Gel, Lithium, NiMH, custom configurable to support any manufacturer’s charging specs.

Starting a Project that requires
Solar Powered SMART LED Street Lights?

Renewable Energy is all around us but we do not have the right infrastructure in place to harvest that energy.

There are SMART LED lighting options and we have them. Please contact us using or Request a Quote.