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SMARTER LED Street Lights

Lights can do more than shed light

SMARTER LED Street Lights for today’s Smart CIties, Electrical Engineers, ….

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Street Lighting

Many neighborhood groups believe that extra illumination helps prevent crime, and business district lighting also may help create a pleasant environment.

Adding surveillance cameras in public places helps ensure public safety. Through surveillance cameras, the police can both prevent crimes from happening and can quickly solve criminal cases with material evidence.

In addition, surveillance cameras protect against property theft, and vandalism.


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Save energy and improve road safety with connected street lighting

Smart LED street lighting is a cost-effective and sustainable choice. For today cities and towns. But let’s not forget, ,farms, sports complexes. parks, marinas and anywhere light and security is needed.
iLUX LED Street Lighting are smarter and more versatile. Smart LED lights allow you to manage, maintain, and track. Simply and efficiently.


How much does a street light cost?

There really is no comparison to a Smart LED Street Light over traditional street lights. High-Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor, and Incandescent are not smart lights and cost more to maintain and operate.


Actual Light Availability


Waste Percentage

Average Life Span

How Smart Street Lights Work

40% of electrical costs for large cities are the street lights.

Why not be smarter and reduce energy costs, lower maintenance costs and provide safety, communications, data and more.


Choose Smart LED Street Lighting

No matter your industry. No matter your sector.

Smart LED Street Lighting is just a term. Smart LED Lighting can be added or included on an existing property or designed into your next project.

iLUX SMarter LED Street Lighting has solutions for both on and off-grid problems.

Solar Powered or Hybrid (Solar & Wind) Smart LED Lights offer lighting, surveillance, and communications.

iLUX is looking for resellers of our line of Smart LED Lights. If you are interested in becoming a reseller of Smart LED Lighting please contact us.

Street Light Case Studies

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City of Mississauga

Technology Helps

IoT products, including Smart LED Lights, are changing city and businesses

Efficiency of services – to optimize the use of public resources and provide a high level of citizen service
Sustainability – to grow & develop the city with strong consideration to environmental impact
Mobility – to make it easy for citizens, workers and visitors to move around the city, whether by foot, bike, car, public transport etc. (regardless of transportation means)
Safety & security – to improve public safety & security in every-day life and at special events, as well as being best possibly prepared for emergencies and disasters
Economic growth – to attract businesses, investors, citizens, and visitors
City reputation – to constantly improve the city’s image & reputation

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