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SMART LED Lighting

iLUX EG Solar Campus LED Light

iLUX Premium PLUS SMART LED Street Light

Made for the Streets … and Parking Lots

iLUX Premium SMART Premium PLUS LED Street Lighting solution with a communication platform for Smart Cities and applications.

Our exclusive design included an all-in-one housing which incorporates a wireless two-way, Mesh Wireless Network using licensed or license-free spectrum in 900MHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency range.

Allowing for secure access for:

  • Wireless Control System
  • Smart Grid & Wireless Control
  • Serial Communications & Wireless Control
  • Picocells

Used for control, monitoring, SCADA, Smart City and Smart Grid applications.

Add HD Security

OPTION: Lights can be equipped with a 4K HD Night Vision Hemispheric Camera. Mounted in a watertight housing, the camera provides 360° coverage for observation and surveillance.

The light engine interfaces with the camera giving you the ability to control the light providing a visual deterrence by either turning
on or off, blinking the light and/or raising the light level.

More Options: The lights can be set up to work with existing IP Cameras, provided they meet certain standards.

The ideal SMART LED lamp for outdoor use when Communications and Surveillance are required.

The robust die-cast aluminum housing with its finned surface guarantees excellent heat management.

Being certified to protection class IP67, this lamp also functions even under extreme ambient conditions and meets the toughest safety standards.

  • For street, roadway and parking lot lighting applications
  • Heat management system assures long LED life and minimal lumen depreciation
  • Tool-less entry for ease of maintenance
  • Modular LED design with the ability to easily replace LED’s in the field
  • Universal mounting design
  • Best lumens per watt/lumen per dollar in the industry
  • Mil-spec components to withstand the hottest and coldest climates
  • Low wind-load
  • Built-in photo sensor
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Driver optionally in or outside luminaire for easier maintenance and longer life
  • Minimal luminaire dirt depreciation (LDD) through a flat glass cover
  • OPTIONAL Dimming using an astronomical clock

Starting a Project that requires
Solar Powered SMART LED Street Lights?

Renewable Energy is all around us but we do not have the right infrastructure in place to harvest that energy.

There are SMART LED lighting options and we have them. Please contact us using or Request a Quote.