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Smarter LED Street Lighting

Any sector can benefit from Smarter LED Premium Street Lights

LED SMART Lighting & Security

Parks, Campuses, Sporting Venues and more

On & Off-Grid LED Smart Lighting

iLUX Premium SMART LED Street Lighting has a full selection of intelligent LED street lighting solutions. SMART LED Lights that can easily be deployed into:

  • Metropolitan areas / SMART City
  • University / Colleges
  • Parking lots
  • Sport Venues
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Automobile, Agriculture, Heavey Equipment Dealerships
  • Oil & Gas Facilities
  • Mining
  • Anywhere light, communications and surveillance is required.

iLUX LED Street Lighting is not only efficient but has the ability to incorporate a variety of technologies into a single design.

  • Wireless Street Light Control
  • Monitoring,
  • HD Camera and 
  • Sensors can be added.

SmartTalk Beacon

IoT Management Software to constantly monitor IoT cameras and other IoT devices.

SmartTalk Beacon sends notifications if there is an issue, provides solutions to the problem and tracks the support ticket to ensure the problem is resolved in-house or in the field.

SmartTalk Security

Delivering Solutions, Not Just Products.

Providing HD Security/Surveillance IP Cameras to all sectors. A camera and solution for any issue.