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LED Lighting and HD Camera Surveillance

SMART Lighting : HD Cameras : IoT

Finding the Right SMART Product for our Client

As a marketing and distribution company, we are not tied to any one product. That is how we are able to provide a solution.


One of the main advantages of working with iLUX is we do not try to replace all of your devices. We work with your existing products.


SmartTalk Beacon

IoT Management Software to constantly monitor IoT cameras and other IoT devices.

SmartTalk Beacon sends notifications if there is an issue, provides solutions to the problem and tracks the support ticket to ensure the problem is resolved in-house or in the field.

SmartTalk Security

Delivering Solutions, Not Just Products.

Providing HD Security/Surveillance IP Cameras to all sectors. A camera and solution for any issue.

Looking for other IoT Devices?

  • HD Security Cameras
  • Access Control