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Smart LED Light FAQ’s

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We realize that just because this is our passion and we work with Smarter LED Lights,  that not everyone knows what we know. We hope to continue to educate our clients and anyone looking to become a client.

Our FAQ section is here to help you understand why choosing a Smarter LED Street Light will save you money, energy, hassle and help protect your staff, clients, products, and investment.


Questions and Answers
What makes a light smart?

Smart lights are connected, controlled and monitored within a communication network. There are different levels of connectivity, monitoring, control, and management.

Are there different types of smart lights?

In a simple smart light system, lights are turned on and off directly or by a schedule.

Geolocation monitoring with device monitoring, operational statistics, support information and maintenance monitoring functions reduce operational and maintenance costs.

The integration of a broadband wireless communication facilitates the implementation of cameras and sensors while facilitating WiFI and utility communications.

Smart City implementations of smart lights rely on a sophisticated communication network integrating smart car, autonomous cars, traffic control systems, weather, warnings, alert systems, announcement systems, city transit tracking and much more.

Why use a smart light?

When the first electric light was built, I am sure the same question was asked. The main reason to implement smart lights is security. Lighting is a safety and security solution.

Today’s smart lights deliver security lighting plus camera security and most importantly easy access through wireless communications. The revolution involves the ease of communication. Anyone with a mobile device can be alerted, respond and act based on the information received from a smart light.

Saving money is real. LED lights are 65% more efficient. The addition of management solutions saves money and the implementation of a maintenance monitoring saves money

What are some of the implementations for smart lights?

Smart lights will be everywhere in the future. The functions offered will vary but connectivity is the common thread.

Your starting point is asking yourself what you want to accomplish with the lighting system. Lights cost money for electrical, poles, erection and maintenance. Ask yourself what else you can deliver as part of your lighting system: surveillance, annunciation, music, WiFi, weather stations, and much more.

So let’s consider the cost of implementing a regular LED light as opposed to an LED light:

(Costs will vary based on location and implementation)

Item Cost (USD) Difference
Pole, electrical, base and installation $6,000 It depends on the height of the pole, the rated power and efficiency of the light, type of foundation needed and length of wiring from the nearest source of electricity.
Fixture (basic) $500 15,000 lumen dusk to dawn
Total Cost (average) $6,500
What is the cost difference for adding a Smart light instead of a basic LED?

Smart Light with WiFi, 900 mghz and management software $800 – $500 (basic LED) = $300. This is 5% increase in cost.

Why should you consider iLux Smarter Lighting?

With an iLux Smarter Light infrastructure, you now have the option to implement a range of solutions and services to improve safety/security and community life improvement solutions.

More important the savings cost associated with an iLux smarter city implementation reduces operational costs and dramatically reduces maintenance costs. The additional costs of an iLux Smarter Light implementation are generated cost savings.

What areas do you save money with iLux Smarter Lights?

Cost savings are realized in several ways:

  • LEDs use 60+% less power.
  • The management of power levels increases the lifespan of your LEDs.
  • Power management reduces heating that in turn maintains LED efficiency and life expectancy of the LEDs.
  • The use of a scheduling solution, improves the lighting experience, reduces costs and increases the lifespan of the LEDs.
  • Management software identities light failures or issues, identifies the location and the model of the light. This reduces maintenance time and complexity.
  • The real power savings are realized with reduced maintenance costs in 2 ways:
    • LEDs last 10-20 years so replacement cost is less.
    • Lighting management reduces maintenance time and costs by 50%

Other maintenance and time-saving issues.

Placement of the driver (power supply) for ease of implementation, maintenance and reduction in heating. The use of a second communications pathway to insure access to the device is maintained in the event of a communications failure.

What are the key issues related to setting up a network of Smart Lights?

The categories and components include:

  • Hardware
  • Communications
  • Software
  • Maintenance

Hardware includes poles, based, electrical and installation of these components. These components represent a greater cost than the other components.

Communications is the next biggest cost. Cost is dependent on the type of communications needed, location, implementation needs and solution availability. There is an array of communication connectivity options but the most important issue is reliability and availability. Internet access whether fiber, broadband, wireless or cellular can be used for service delivery. Each has different operational advantages and disadvantages based on implementation needs.

The operational network is dependent on deployment needs. The light to light and device to device or light to device connection type is dependant on the desired solution set and business objectives.

Software is central to a successful project in the short and long term. Light and communications management, maintenance and operations are components of a quality software solution. Without software savings related to operations and maintenance are not realizable.

Maintenance related to LEDs is a significant advantage. A move to IP solutions within a connected environment provides a world of advantages. Smart Lights can send data to optimize operations, minimize cost and provide information related to failures and potential failures. Details related to location, manufacturer, model, problem, and solutions can be communicated as needed to dramatically save money and resources. This is dependent on the solution and provider.

What is the warranty related to iLux Premium Smart Lights?

The LEDs are warrantied for 10 years. The electronics are warrantied for 5 years.

Component repairs are provided as needed therefore fixture replacements are rare.

The light driver is generally installed at the pole base, therefore maintenance is much easier and all other components are low voltage items.

Please reach out to us if you have questions.

Smart Lights are new to most people, but not to us. We enjoy educating people on Smart Lights. Smart Lights are so valuable in our world today and are only going to become more and more relevant.

Check out our current Frequently Asked Questions.

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Questions and Answers

What do I need to know about camera and surveillance implementations?

You will need to consider:

  • Who will be responsible for the operation of the camera?
    • Who can see the video?
    • Who is responsible for retrieval?
    • How is video retrieved, saved and packaged?
    • When should the video be saved?
    • Who is notified of an issue?
  • What are the associated laws and bylaws?
  • What types of cameras work best for this type of implementation?
  • What are the technical operation and security issues associated with surveillance?
  • Who is responsible for support and maintenance?
  • How are support managed?

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